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Women Of YouTube

Apr 28, 2021

Emily D. Baker is the best law nerd I know. Her channel is packed full of easy to understand legal cases, breakdowns, explanations, and so much more and she joined me on Women of Youtube to share all about her journey. She has a hilarious personality and keeps it so real I know you are going to love her as much as I do.

In this episode, we dive in with Emily to learn how she went from District Attorney in Los Angeles, CA to full time Youtuber living in Tennessee. Emily shares the reality of her health struggles, her inconsistent start, and her passion to absolutely nerd out over all things law.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Podcast topic intro

03:37 - Meet Meet Emily

05:42 - District Attorney to Youtuber

09:00 - The law behind it all

11:58 - How Youtubers/creators can learn from current legal cases

15:05 - Top legal tips for creators

23:35 - Understanding Fair Use

26:54 - Finding a lawyer for creators/creatives

29:35 - Emily’s Youtube growth

30:37 - Emily’s business as a creator

33:08 - The beginning of Emily’s journey

39:45 - How to securely live on Youtube income

44:35 - Blending mom and creator

52:37 - Emily’s best advice

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