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Women Of YouTube

May 5, 2021

Katie is a video editor who specializes in Youtube content. She fell in love with Youtube when it first started and hasn't stopped watching since! Katie left her 9-5 in the beginning of 2020 to start her own video editing business, supporting female entrepreneurs to create bingeable, beautiful content, for their channel. She has always been passionate about social media and video editing, and felt like this was the perfect place for her. 

In this episode, we dive in with Katie to talk about her journey from Youtube beauty vlogger to editing for other creators. We discuss different editing styles for niches and why being yourself is the best tool you can use for growth and success on Youtube.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Podcast topic intro

05:03 - Meet Katie

06:55 - How Katie began editing

08:03 - What makes a good video

14:07 - The difference of a female editor

18:04 - Different editing styles

23:09 - Common creator mistakes

25:05 - Tips for holding your audience’s attention

33:00 - Being yourself

34:45 - The business of editing

38:42 - When to get an editor

43:40 - Top advice to get started

44:43 - Rapid fire fun

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