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Women Of YouTube

Nov 24, 2021

Marina Mogilko is a beautiful mother, creator, business owner, and educator. One day she realized she wanted to move to California, got her company LinguaTrip into a top Silicon Valley incubator 500 startups and got an O1 visa sticker in her  passport. Marina now lives in the US and is the creator of three Youtube channels!

In this episode, I sit down with Marina to talk about what is it like to maintain three incredibly successful Youtube channels, be a business owner, and continue to strive for new goals and milestones.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Podcast topic intro

02:20 - Meet Marina 

05:53 - Marina’s three channels 

07:40 - The best place to get started

11:04 - How to plan for repurposing your videos

14:00 - How Marina makes three channels work

20:22 - Marina’s revenue streams

24:16 - How income varies internationally

26:58 - Biggest mistake Youtubers make

34:12 - Rapid fire fun

36:52 - Where you can find Marina