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Women Of YouTube

Feb 3, 2021

Michelle and Leeann have a successful comedy based youtube channel! After seeing that youtube offered more potential for their videos than facebook, they made the switch and have never looked back! They make sketch comedy videos, parody music videos, and so much more! These women are full time creators, full time wives, and full time mothers! They have a dynamic friendship that translates into magnetic videos and hilarious content!

In this episode we dive in with Michelle and Leeann to discuss several hot topics! From finding and creating relevant content, to finding ways to continue to enjoy creating even when it becomes work, to going viral, to planning for viral content, to learning to stay true to your value proposition… even when you don’t feel like it. This episode is filled to the brim with insider information and encouragement to women of all ages who are looking to grow a YouTube channel!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Podcast Topic Intro

06:21 - Guest Introductions

08:56 - Biggest Struggle of Being a Content Creator on YouTube

10:35 - Going Viral

15:08 - Avoiding Becoming a One Hit Wonder

19:32 - Coolest Thing That Happened From Being on YouTube

22:00 - Enneagram

27:08 - YuTube as a Business

33:12 - Avoiding Burnout

36:37 - Hardest Part of Being a Woman on YouTube

40:28 - Handling Criticism

42:40 - Comedy Creation Process

47:07 - Important Lessons from being on YouTube

52:00 - Is there room on YouTube for New Creators