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Women Of YouTube

Jun 30, 2021

Hawa Lewis is a digital marketer and content creator on Youtube and Clubhouse. Hawa joined Clubhouse in December of 2020 and once she joined she was hooked! She discovered that the rooms of Clubhouse were endless and found she could gain knowledge, network, and just be entertained.

In this episode, I sit down with Hawa to dive deep into Youtube and social audio. Hawa hosts HawaBunga on Youtube where she shares fashion and beauty information, tutorials, and more and joined Clubhouse with her sister after she found that many of the creators were not sharing information that was helpful to small or new creators. 


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Time Stamps:

 00:00 - Podcast topic intro

05:50 - Meet Hawa

07:28 - Being a quarantine creator

09:30 - The background of HawaBunga 

12:20 - Why Hawa chose the beauty niche

18:10 - The journey

23:13 - How to be relevant in the fashion and beauty niche 

25:30 - Creating evergreen keywords and titles

28:30 - Making money with Youtube

37:25 - How Hawa got on Clubhouse

46:10 - Biggest mistake creators can make

51:00 - Rapid fire fun

53:20 - How you can find Hawa